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Sketchapalooza #2. furcadian prostitute [Aug. 8th, 2006|09:35 pm]
sketchapalooza 2006


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Smelling like a French Whore today when I accidently spilled too much bpal perfume on my arm inspired me to draw this Furcadian character. I realize it isn't the best proportion-wise and I should have probably sharpened the pencil a couple of times while I was sketching which accounts for why some of the lines are a little thicker than I'd like. I tried to make her face STD-dappled/scarred/messed up from a life of lowliness.. or such. Not to judge anyone who has that lifestyle. I feel BAD for women who feel like they need to do that kind of thing for financial support.

I was reading my friend Fury's story about the city of Furcadia and it was shaded pretty shady with unsavory chars so I thought I'd try my hand at drawing one of The Unsavories. Plus- now I don't owe any of you $1 and a Hershey's Kiss today! lol

Deviant Art Link(I see DA made their website uglier! Woot!)

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